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Are you tired of being let down by Landscaping Companies?

Are you sick of all the promises that are never met?

That’s why you need to try Broward County Landscaping. We are a locally owned and operated business helping residences and businesses of Broward County for over 25 years. We bring excellent and reliable services at competitive pricing. Let us bring your residential or commercial landscape dreams to life! 

Not only do we offer reliable service and quality results, but we also offer a comprehensive list of services that run the gamut from design, plant and grass installation, to consultation for monthly maintenance.

Through combining style, form, and function, we’ll create a truly unique and inspiring outdoor living space. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Our employees are all well-versed in customizing a plan that works for you to ensure that no matter the vision you have in mind, we have the know how and experience to turn it into reality. We consider the existing soil, the budget, and the design ideas you are looking for. Our company’s goal is always to exceed the customer’s expectations. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Let us show you what we can do. We have tons of satisfied customers that stay with us for years. Let us take over the daunting task of planning your outdoor space so that you can relax and just watch your dream come true.

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Our Services

Residential Landscape Design and Maintenance Lauderhill, FL

Landscaping is one of the most important things you can do to increase the value of your home.

Did you know that you can increase your home's value by approximately 11% by having a well designed, well-kept yard?

We are the ones to help you get there. One of the essential parts of a home’s landscaping plan is the front yard. We make sure to create beautiful walkways, tree islands, and eco-friendly gardens for a front yard.

The second most important area is your backyard. We know that entertaining family and friends are one of the most enjoyable parts of owning a home, and we can help you create a backyard that achieves that goal. 

We are the premier residential landscape company in Broward County, and one of the reasons is we understand the demanding climate of South Florida. We take extra care to help clients achieve their landscape maintenance and lawn care goals. We know that budgets, timelines, and quality of work are of utmost importance to our customers, so when we develop and implement our plans, we always take these factors into account.

Our reputation precedes us, and we have earned it by designing and maintaining beautiful yards meant to withstand the climate and easy to maintain. Whether you are interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, seasonal flowers, and color, our experienced professionals are ready to assist you.

Why Choose Us?

Low Maintenance

One of our goals is to create a comfortable space that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Anyone can create a beautiful landscape, but it takes real talent to create something easy to maintain in light of our harsh weather conditions in South Florida. Not only does that save you headaches of maintenance, but it makes it a lot more affordable to keep up.


Our installations are designed to survive the challenging temperatures and environment in South Florida. We make sure to use hardy plants that will withstand the weather year-round.

Customer Service

We cater to our customers. Unlike other companies, we care about what you need and promptly respond to those needs.


We believe that every homeowner is unique and needs a unique design. Our landscape designers develop strategies that exceed our customers’ expectations and take into consideration their circumstances. Our designers specialize in making unique designs that are easy to maintain. Our goal isn’t just to install a beautiful yard; it’s to install a beautiful yard that lasts. 


We have been serving customers in South Florida for over 25 years. Our team of experts knows how to design and install yards that work. The end-product speaks for itself.

Budget & Timeliness

Our number one goal to exceed your expectations with a yard that is easy to maintain, uniquely beautiful and cost effective.  Whether you interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, seasonal flowers and color our staff are nearby and ready to assist you needs.

Property Maintenance Lauderhill, FL

One of the most important components of a good first impression for  your Commercial Property is the look and feel of your landscaping. When it comes to your office building, residential building, or strip mall, a beautifully designed landscape can increase customers, increase rental value, and income for your property. 

Our crews set the bar high. We work with home owner association board members and property managers to put together lawn service packages that fit their unique needs. 

The fact of the matter is that curb appeal plays a role in decisions that people make regarding where they will do business or where they will live. 

We have the expertise to plan a large project with all the logistics needed to complete a project on time, within budget, and done professionally. 

Our Approach

We understand how critical commercial landscaping is for you and your business. That’s why we have a commercial landscaper team to help you get the best designs for your commercial properties. And most importantly, we have developed a simple process that we follow to give you the best landscape for your commercial premises. 

Landscaping Goals Settings

The first step is to understand your goals and what you are looking to achieve for your property. Our experts will come to your site, evaluate your property, and understand the result you are looking to achieve. We know that different commercial purposes will require different landscaping designs, and our team prides itself on implementing unique and creative designs for every commercial property we design and install.

Customized Landscaping Designing

Next, we create a landscaping design that meets your specific goals. The main objective is to develop a landscape plan and design that provides your property’s highest and best use and achieves magnificent results.

 Landscaping Design Implementation

With customized landscaping designs, our experts will follow the plan, develop a well-organized strategy, and implement the design of choice.

Landscape Maintenance

Our services don’t end once the installation is complete. Our goal is to help you maintain your landscape installations to their utmost beauty, so they continue to look as great as the day of installation for years to come. 

What’s Next?

You give us a call and book an appointment today. 

Irrigation Systems, Lauderhill, FL

One of the most critical aspects of your landscaping is keeping it properly watered. Irrigation systems play an essential role in your ability to keep your property looking good. A professionally installed sprinkler system does more than save you the hassle of watering your yard or plants manually; it will save you money on your water bills and add value to your home or business. We at Broward County Landscaping specialize in irrigation systems. We offer affordable options and higher-end solutions that include automatic timer systems and controlled water output.

Sprinkler Repair

If you need to repair your current sprinkler system, we are the right company for you. Our experts analyze your property and check water flow, pressure loss, irrigation efficiency, and show you ways to schedule your watering frequency that will save your money. With our maintenance plans, our experts will analyze your sprinkler system regularly. These regular checks help find any leaks that are causing you costly water bills and help find any expensive damage by catching it early.  We offer maintenance plans as part of our landscaping services so that you can keep your sprinkler system in good shape all year.

Tree Installation Lauderhill, FL

Trees are an essential part of a landscaping plan. They beautify our environment and add value to your property. And most importantly, they clean the ozone and make the air cleaner and safer. They also help make the ground more fertile and assist your other plants in growing by providing shade and protection.

All these are the reasons why you should consider planting trees in your compound. Not just to add value to your property but be on the front line in protecting the environment and healing the ozone.

But to plant or install trees over your property is not as easy as it seems. If you want to achieve the best results, you should follow specific tree planting guidelines. There are critical factors you must consider if you wish the trees you’re planting to thrive.

That’s why you can’t leave the work of tree installation to just anyone. Broward County Landscaping specializes in tree installation and maintenance. Our professionals are experts who understand tree planting dynamics. With their skills and experience, you’ll get your trees appropriately installed, so they serve the purpose that you intended for them, and they thrive. We have mastered the science behind tree planting. And when you work with us, you can expect nothing but the best.

Our Approach

When you partner with us, we’ll offer the following specific services in tree installation.

Tree Planting

The first thing that you must do is plan your area where you intend to plant the trees. A well thought out plan will go a long way in saving your resources. You’ll maximize the space you have with trees that will give better performance.

Our experts come to your site and determine the number of trees to be planted throughout the property. Consequently, you can thoughtfully plan out everything in advance and calculate the budget for tree installation.

Soil and Water Analysis

Your soil and water will determine much about the tree installation process. It will determine the type of trees you can grow and those that will thrive in your area. This is why even before we plant any tree in your area, we start testing the soil and water on your property. We analyze everything so that we can install trees that will thrive in your area.

Tree Installation

After doing the background work, we proceed to search out the perfect trees that will accomplish your goals. We diligently search for high-quality trees to install around your property. We will use the information we have gathered from the previous steps to install the best trees in the right position, depending on the sun, wind, and moisture levels. We have the experts who will get the job done.

Tree Maintenance

Once the installation is complete, we stand by our work. Our experts are always here to help maintain your trees at all times and make sure that they live long, happy lives.

Lawn Installation, Lauderhill, FL

First impressions Make Lasting Impressions!

Studies have shown that 60% of homeowners feel that their investments in their lawns were worth more than most other home improvements that they performed. Although every property is different, and some have many more trees and plants than the lawn, a lawn that isn’t well maintained can make the difference between a beautiful impressive property and one that looks neglected.

Fun facts about lawn:

  1. Lawns help reduce noise. They are very effective at absorbing and deflecting sounds, thus helping your yard be more peaceful
  2. A 50×50 foot area of healthy lawn generates enough oxygen to supply a family of four.
  3. Lawns are three times more productive at producing oxygen than trees. 
  4. 1 acre of grass produces more oxygen than 1 acre of rainforest.
  5. Lawns trap about twelve million tons of dust annually.

 Insect infestation is another factor in maintaining the health of your lawn. We understand that South Florida’s climate is a challenge to most property owners and their lawns. Our experts understand this and know how to keep it looking at its utmost beauty. We know the proper amount of watering, the appropriate amount of fertilization, and the right intervals to not overwater and ruin the grass. Each season has its requirements as well. You cannot water the same amount in the summer that you would in the winter. Grass is dormant in the winter and thus should not be fertilized at this time. We understand that grass grows at different rates throughout the year. Most landscaping companies will put you on a schedule all year and never change it. We at Broward County Landscaping make sure to adjust your maintenance schedule depending on the weather and time of year.

However, to get the best lawn, you need to work with experts who understand lawn dynamics. More importantly, they should have experience with the lawn type you need to have on your property.

Luckily, we are the experts in lawn installations. When you work with us, you’ll get the best lawns that would serve your needs. With our experts’ help, we walk through the journey of installing the lawn and getting what your business needs.

Our Process

Assess your needs

We send our experts to assess your lawn needs fully. Whether you need to fix patches of lawn, replace the whole lawn, or install a completely new lawn, we have the grass installation needs to satisfy your needs. We do a lawn analysis and customize our plan based on what we find for your particular property. There isn’t a one size fits all plan. When you partner with us, we’ll deliver the specific environment

Lawn Design and Planning

If you wish to get the best lawn for your property, begin with its design and plan. First, we make a plan on the best type of lawn for your property. 

We consider factors such as space and the shape or design of your lawn, the condition of the soil, and the sun’s position throughout the day. Depending on the results, Our experts will help you design your lawn and get the best plan that would suit your needs.

Lawn Area Preparation

Before installing the property, the first thing that we’ll do would be to prepare the area. We use the right tools to cultivate and loosen the soil. If the soil is not conducive, we bring other better soil. Our experts do everything that would give you a better lawn.

Lawn Installation

After everything has been analyzed and properly assessed, we do the actual job of installing the lawn. With our experts’ help, we ensure we give you the best lawn for your residential or commercial property.

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Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to caring for your yard, several steps go into making sure that it’s properly maintained. With us, you’ll see your lawn treated with the right products and materials that encourage full and healthy growth throughout the seasons. Using high-quality, non-harmful fertilizers is part of this process, including using organic fertilizers safer for you and those visiting your property. Using professional equipment for an even application process, you can count on our team to properly treat all of your lawn areas, resulting in an improved overall appearance.

Tree Removal & Clean-Up Lauderhill, FL

Tree Removal

We offer residential or commercial tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding services. We know that trees play an essential role in the beauty of your landscaping, but we also know that sometimes you need a tree removed. Do you have trees that have grown over and are in a precariously dangerous position? Are your trees near power lines or hanging over your neighbors’ property? Some trees become diseased and need to be removed or are overgrown and need to get trimmed down. Here at Broward County Landscaping, we have professionals that are experts at taking care of your trees.

Storm Clean Up

In South Florida, we know that hurricanes can bring about a lot of damage to our properties and our neighbor’s property. Our post-storm disaster services are designed to restore safety to surrounding areas quickly. Whether you’re a residential or business property, our experts will arrive at your property and take care of making your environment safe quickly. Whether it’s storm cleanup, emergency tree removal, or fallen trees, no service is too big or too small for us. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and helping them feel safe. 

Our professional landscapers will get your outdoor areas clean and looking like new again, from backyard cleanups to seasonal debris clearing and storm emergencies. By working with us, not only will we remove unwanted items, but our landscaping services will help make your yard look great again in a timely, safe manner.

Design, Build and Maintain

We design, build and
maintain your landscaping
so you that don't have to

We work hard to keep your yard in top condition so that you can always be proud of you landscaping.  We offer a guarantee of our work and stand by our products so that if you have an issue we will always replace it without any problems.  That’s how confident we are in our work.  Money back guarantee  with our maintenance plans.


One of the most important aspects of landscaping is the right design from the start. We take into account your budget, your surroundings and what you are looking to accomplish. We like to look for unique plants that are beautiful and sturdy so that you don’t have to worry about them dying or turning brown on you.


Our team of experts will provide your installation in a timely and professional manner.  We take great efforts in planning out the jobs, preparing everything ahead of time so that we don’t run into any unexpected surprises. 


We are up to date with all the latest technology, fertilizers and weed control so that your yard will always look as good as the day we install everything.  Our experience differentiates us from our competitors and we would love to help you get the yard of your dreams

Commercial and Residential

We offer both commercial and residential landscaping services

I love the way by yard turned out. The guys at Broward Landscaping helped me to achieve the look that I was looking for all within the budget that I had set out. I look forward to enjoying my yard for years to comme
Jessica M.
I have been very happy with Broward Landscaping's monthly maintenance of my land. I had already installed all the landscaping, so their main job was to maintain it and they have done a great job of that! I had a falling out with my installers which is why I needed someone else, and thank goodness for these guys. They saved me so that I didn't have to lose any of the money that I had invested
Nicole L.
I had a few trees that had died and was in need of new palm trees. Broward landscaping came out to give me an estimate. Not only did they meet my expectations, but they were very courteous and timely with all the work they did. I have now hired them to maintain my yard as well
George P.

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